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Davinci functions come from three sources:

  1. The Davinci Core contains routines written and compiled in C accessible from the command line. These functions are included with the Davinci executable and are not editable. Most of the math, matrix, I/O, and data manipulation functions are part of the Davinci Core. Examples include sum and sqrt.
  2. User Defined Functions are scripts written in the davinci language and may call other functions in their code. The script code is viewable and editable during each session of davinci. By convention, User Defined Functions are contained in .dvrc (davinci resource) files and must be sourced to be used. Examples include resample and tb2rad.
  3. Modular Functions are written in C and collected in optional, loadable modules. Modules must be loaded to be accessible. These functions are not editable. Examples include thm.rectify and thm.deplaid .

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Last Updated: Feb-2011

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