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Davinci Source and Pre-Compiled Binaries

The Davinci Source is the source code for compiling your own davinci. There are several dependencies which must be met. They are listed on the Compiling Davinci page where links to where to get them are available too. All of the latest versions of davinci will be deposited on this page. These are stable versions and will contain the most up to date files possible. Make sure to take a look at the Davinci Cheat Sheet for some quick references after you install davinci. Also make sure to look at the Tips and Tricks page for some useful davinci features and commands. Finally take a look at the Installation FAQ if you run into any problems while installing your copy of davinci.


Precompiled Binaries

Run install_check() once davinci is started to validate installation.

Download Davinci for Mac

Download Davinci for Ubuntu

Download Davinci for RedHat/CentOS/Alma

Download Davinci for Windows -- no longer actively supported

Download Virtual Machine

Release Notes

Davinci Source

Current Source code: svn checkout

Other Downloads:

Davinci Core Repository

Davinci Library Repository


Please see Compiling Davinci for help compiling on Mac OSX 10.4.X and on a Linux installation

Please see the Known Issues page where we call out some demons that might torment you during installation.

Current Davinci Version2.27

Davinci Library

The Davinci Library is a set of files containing all of the specified User Defined Functions that are shown in the DavinciWiki. These files are ".dvrc" files which are loaded into davinci by the source command. While each individual user defined function has its source code attached to it, this is a repository for all of the user defined functions. They are grouped by the task for which they are designed to be used, not unlike the Function Categories page.

Separate downloads were not created for each file. The files are included with the davinci downloads above. They can be updated using the library_update() functionality within davinci.

In addition to this each file has a list of the functions it contains at the top of the document. To source the file automatically simply create a ".dvrc" file in your home directory and type source("your_file.dvrc"), where "your_file" is the name and path of the file to source. See the Tutorial, User's Guide, and the Davinci Cheat Sheet for more help.

Library Files

The Davinci Library comes with several files separated by category.

Library Files:

  • library_linux.dvrc - Source all library functions on linux platform
  • library_mac.dvrc - Source all library functions on Mac platform
  • library_win.dvrc- Source all library functions on Windows platform
  • library_mars.dvrc - Source all library functions from inside the Mars Space Flight Facility at ASU

Function Files:

  • data_manipulation.dvrc - common data manipulation tools
  • general_science.dvrc - general science functions
  • image_stretch.dvrc - image stretching functions
  • misc.dvrc - Miscellaneous functions.
  • mosaic_tools.dvrc - tools for creating davinci mosaics using ISIS projected files
  • msff.dvrc - Mars Space Flight Facility specific functions
  • plot_tools.dvrc - davinci interface with GnuPlot
  • spectral_tools - spectral calibration and analysis tools
  • themis_science.dvrc - THEMIS science tools
  • tes_science.dvrc - TES science tools
  • crism_science.dvrc - CRISM science tools
  • math.dvrc - basic math functions not included in the davinci core
  • utils.dvrc - dvrc maintenance utilities
  • v_mosaic.dvrc - back end tools for most functions mosaic_tools.dvrc
  • math.dvrc - various math functions that are useful but not included in the Davinci Core
  • constants.dvrc - many commonly used constants for planetary bodies and general physics
  • time.dvrc - contains many useful time conversion functions
  • map_projection.dvrc - contains map projection and image IO functions

Example Files

Davinci no longer ships with examples. This reduces download size and allows us to increase the number of files used. They are downloaded on demand and no changes to code other than referencing $DV_EX should be needed.

The location of the files is:

Environment Variables

Davinci supports several environment variables indicated below

  • $EDITOR - default text editor
  • $DV_VIEWER - default image viewer
  • $GPLOT_TERM - default terminal for GnuPlot
  • $GPLOT_CMD - command needed to properly invoke GnuPlot
  • $DV_MOD_PATH - path to davinci loadable modules
  • $DVHELP - path to dv.gih
  • $DV_AQUA - enable aqua support for mac
  • $DV_HOME - path to main davinci location
  • $DV_LIB - path to davinci standard library
  • $DV_EX - path to davinci examples web directory
  • $DV_BROWSER - path to web browser for wiki() functionality
  • $DV_KRC - path to the KRC binary
  • $TMPDIR - path to temporary scratch directory
  • $DV_UPDATE_ALLOW - allow updates on the system or not

These variables can be defined either in your default shell configuration file or inside of davinci by using the putenv() function.

Command Line Options

davinci recognizes the following command line options:

  • -V - dump version information
  • -i - force interactive mode
  • -w - don't use X windows
  • -q - quick startup. Don't load history or .dvrc
  • -H - force loading of history, even in quick mode
  • -h - print this help
  • -l logfile - use log file for loading/saving history instead of ./.dvlog
  • -v N - set level of verbosity (0-3)
  • -f filename - execute the specified script and exit
  • -e 'command' - execute the specified command and exit
  • -- indicates this is the last command line option
  • Note: Any --option style options are always passed as $ARGV values

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Last Updated: Feb-2011

  • Use new library_update() function
  • Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, and RedHat/CentOS versions released
  • Updates to the Davinci Library

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