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Download Davinci For Mac OS X 10.10-10.11

This installer is not tested/compatible under Mac OS 10.9 or earlier. For 10.9 Please use davinci version 2.11 or earlier.

Be sure to follow ALL instructions of the installer. Default .dvrc and .inputrc files are included and placed in the users home directory and can be modified by the user. The most up to date library and examples are also included with the installer. For the procedure that was used to build davinci for mac please visit the Building Davinci for Mac page. Finally take a look at the Installation FAQ if you run into any problems while installing your copy of davinci.


New downloads pending

Other Required/Recommended Downloads

As of 10.8 Apple no longer includes X11 by default. In order for davinci to work properly, X11 must be installed. Please install the latest version of XQuartz

We recommend this GDAL distribution from


You may also want to start davinci from the command line. This can be accomplished by setting the path in your BASH/CSH resource files.


export PATH=$PATH:/Applications/

For CSH:

set PATH = ($PATH /Applications/

Older Versions

davinci-2.11-beta -- Updated BETA

davinci-2.10-beta -- BETA for 10.8 (Mountain Lion) users (make sure you have the latest version of XQuartz)

As of this version davinci is only available for Intel Macs. If you only have a PPC Mac, please use an older installer.

davinci-2.07-2.dmg -- 10.6-10.7 -- February 15, 2011, bug fix for gnuplot

davinci-2.07-1.dmg -- 10.6-10.7 -- February 10, 2011

davinci-2.05-1.dmg -- 10.5






Current Davinci Version2.10

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