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Download Davinci for Windows 7/8/10

To install this version, simply double click the downloaded file and follow the installer's instructions. Shortcuts point to the davinci.bat file and not the davinci.exe file. The davinci.bat file contains many configuration settings and environment variables required for running davinci. Also please read the README file as it contains some important information. Default .dvrc and .inputrc files are included and can be modified by the user. For the procedure that was used to build davinci for windows please visit the Building Davinci for Windows page. Finally take a look at the Installation FAQ if you run into any problems while installing your copy of davinci.


New downloads pending

Ancient 32-bit only versions below

Davinci-2.07-Setup.exe -- February 10, 2011

Davinci-2.05-Setup.exe -- March 30, 2010

Davinci-1.73-2-Setup.exe -- December 1, 2008

Davinci-1.72-Setup.exe -- May 27, 2008

Davinci-1.68-Setup.exe -- June 6, 2007

Current Davinci Version2.10

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