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This page lists, in an eclectic manner, the known issues and solutions (when available) for the compilation of davinci.

Please address any new concerns about compiling to the discussion page and solutions will be posted here when they are found.

If a problem occurs while compiling modules/thm/mod_thm.c under Solaris, 
("error: constant value must be between -4096 and 4095"), then switch
to using -O instead of -O2 during compiling by editing modules/thm/Makefile.
This is a known bug in the gcc compiler.
Trying to install davinci on various macs I discovered that if you're using Tiger, 
you need to have installed XCode 2 also, or bad things happen.

For Mandriva Linux 2007:
XV-specific notes:

After downloading from the davinci website, I had to edit the Makefile:
1. CC = gcc -ansi (be sure to comment any other "CC=" lines)
2. Uncomment "BSDTYPES = -DBSDTYPES"  (the Makefile describes this particular
   fix, it may not be required for everyone)
3. Uncomment "MCHN = -DLINUX"
4. Ensure that the "man" directory specified by "MANDIR=" exists
5. Also, Xv is incompatible with 3D desktop effects (compiz+AIGLX) - be sure to
   turn these off, or else the Xv display will be transparent.
The intermediate float bug

Last Updated: Feb-2011

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