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This has a basic description of what the procedure does and how and when it should be used. It may contain more detailed information on what operations the procedure is performing to help the user better understand the proper time to use the procedure. It may also conatin links to the glossary.


This section is esentially an extremely detailed example. It contains all of the davinci commands to execute the process properly. Each command will be separated and annotated telling the user exactly what is being done at every step. This section can be quite lengthy and contain images, plots, and davinci commands, which can usually be copied and pasted right to the davinci prompt.

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Functions Used

A list functions used in the procedure will be given. These will be links to function pages in the DavinciWiki which will provide even more detailed information about the used functions.

Related Procedures

A list of related procedures will usually be given. If the procedure that you are viewing does not perform exactly the right task, you may want to check this area to see if one of the related procedures performs the desired operation.

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