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64-bit SafeYes


Convert an object to SHORT format

Arguments and Return Values

Arguments: Any three dimensional numeric array

Return Value: The array converted into SHORT format


Syntax: short(object = VAL)

The short() function copies and converts an object to SHORT format. Any values above or below the maximum representable values of -32767,32768 are set to the closest representable value.

Note that this function uses rounding towards zero [see the fix() function] when translating double or float data; to avoid potentially unexpected results, use short(round(data)) which will force rounding towards the nearest integer.

This function is equivalent to format(object=VAL, format=SHORT).


dv> a
329x7183x1 array of float, bsq format [9,452,828 bytes]

dv> short(a)
329x7183x1 array of short, bsq format [4,726,414 bytes]

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