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Execute a script file. Loads user-defined function code from a text file into current session of davinci.

Arguments and Return Values

Arguments: A string containing the path of the text file

Return Value: None. Functions are loaded.


Syntax: source(filename = STRING)

The source function executes the specified file exactly as if its contents has been typed as input, with the exception that the commands are not stored in the log file, although the source() command is.

Executing scripts that call source is allowed. The only limit on the number of files that can be open is imposed by the operating system.


dv> plot_functions()
Function not found: plot_functions

dv> source("/themis/lib/dav_lib/plot_tools.dvrc")
Loaded function plot_functions
Loaded function replot
Loaded function showlabel
Loaded function multiplot
Loaded function nomultiplot
Loaded function rmlabel
Loaded function plim
Loaded function nullim
Loaded function lines
Loaded function points
Loaded function linespoints
Loaded function dots
Loaded function label
Loaded function prplot
Loaded function gvplot
Loaded function pdfplot
Loaded function psplot
Loaded function labelxy
Loaded function nokey
Loaded function key

dv> plot_functions()
dots() - set plot to dots
gvplot() - view postscript plot
key() - display plot key
label() - add label to plot
labelxy() - add axes labels and title to plot
lines() - set plot to lines
linespoints() - set plot to lines and points
multiplot() - plot multiple plots on the same window
nokey() - remove plot key
noparametric() - allows decreasing x axis
nomultiplot() - remove multiplot option
nullim() - set null plot limits
plim() - set plot limits
plot_loop() - loop through array
points() - set plot to points
prplot() - print plot
psplot() - write postscript plot
replot() - refresh plot
rmlabel() - remove labels
showlabel() - list all labels
themis_plot() - plot themis database parameters

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