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Converts numeric values to 16-bit signed integers, while preserving their relative scale

Arguments and Return Values

Arguments: a numeric array, and optionally the minimum and maximum values to use for the output data

Return Value: A short array


Syntax: toshort(inputdata, [, minval = VAL] [, maxval = VAL])

This is a wrapper for tointeger, in which the integertype parameter of that function is specified as "short".


dv> d
4x1x1 array of float, bsq format [16 bytes]
0.5000000000    0.0000000000    0.7500000000    1.000000000

dv> toshort(d)
4x1x1 array of short, bsq format [8 bytes]
0       -32768  16383   32767

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Created On: 07-16-2012
Modified On: 05-02-2013

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