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Welcome to the DavinciWiki

What Is Davinci?

A tool to manipulate and view various types of data. Current Davinci Version2.27

Want to know how Davinci has changed in this new version? What's New

Download new stand alone versions for mac and windows and see for yourself.

What Can I Use Davinci For?

Data processing from simple math to complicated function operations.

How Can I Get Started Using Davinci?

Start by trying some basic concepts outlined in the Tutorial or the Davinci Cheat Sheet.

Once you are done with that try some simple procedures.

Also check out the tips and tricks page for some other useful features.

Download the latest Davinci release!

What Is The DavinciWiki?

A documentation website designed to provide examples and usages for functions.

How Can I Get Started Using The DavinciWiki?

Try searching on the left or browsing for functions alphabetically.

How Do I Use A DavinciWiki Discussion Page?

Discussion pages are useful for documenting issues or comments you have. They are associated with every article page and let the developers know when there is a problem. Don't forget to sign your name and add an e-mail address.

How Do I Use A DavinciWiki Function Page?

These pages give information about functions, including but not limited to descriptions, usage, and examples.

See the Function Example page for detailed descriptions of each section.

How Do I Use A DavinciWiki Procedure Page?

These pages give common procedures that can be performed with davinci and are basically long, well documented examples.

See the Procedure Example page for detailed descriptions of each section.

For more information, click on the title of each section.

Recent News

  • Mar-03-2022 - New (v2.27) precompiled binaries and source code are here!
  • Feb-13-2011 - Update your scripts with library_update() function!
  • Feb-11-2011 - New (v2.06) precompiled binaries and source code are here!
  • Feb-10-2011 - New Change Log for Core and Library functions available!
  • Mar-31-2010 - New (v2.05) precompiled binaries and source code are here!
  • Feb-24-2010 - The DavinciWiki site software has been upgraded. New (v2.04) precompiled binaries are coming soon.
  • Dec-21-2008 - Download version 1.73 source, precompiled binaries for FC8 and CentOS5.
  • Jun-01-2008 - Download version 1.72 precompiled binaries for all platforms.

Last Updated: Feb-2011

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