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Frequently Asked Questions About Installation and Running Davinci

Generic Issues

Where do I get Davinci and how do I install it?

Davinci is available for multiple platforms. See these pages for more details: Download Davinci for Mac

Download Davinci for Windows

Download Davinci for Linux

I don't like the current image viewer, how do I change it?

You can always change the default viewer by setting the environment variable $DV_VIEWER. You can either set that in you system or in davinci using command.

dv> putenv("DV_VIEWER","/path/to/your/favorite/imageviewer")

I am getting "/usr/bin/display: No such file or directory", when trying to display an image. What should I do?

Linux version of Davinci uses ImageMagick "display" command by default. Most likely ImageMagick is not installed. The solution is to either install ImageMagick or to change the $DV_VIEWER environment variable to your favorite Image Viewer. To set the variable you can either set it on your system shell, or better in the Davinci shell by

dv> putenv("DV_VIEWER","/path/to/your/favorite/imageviewer")

Plotting command "plot" doesn't work. It dies silently. What should I do?

Most likely gnuplot is not installed on your system. Try installing the gnuplot. If it is installed, make sure that it is installed under /usr/bin/gnuplot. You can override the path by setting the environment variable GPLOT_CMD

dv> putenv("GPLOT_CMD","/path/to/your/gnuplot")

Make sure you set this variable before any gnuplot command is invoked.

What is Davinci Scripts Library and how do I load it?

The Davinci Library is a set of files containing all of the specified User Defined Functions that are shown in the DavinciWiki. Depending on the platform that you have installed your Davinci, you need to "source" an appropriate dvrc file. For example in Linux you would "source" the library as follows (if davinci were installed in /usr/src):

dv> source("/usr/src/share/davinci/library/library_linux.dvrc")

For precompiled binaries in linux use

dv> source("/usr/share/davinci/library/library_linux.dvrc")

This will automatically source other necessary dvrc files and initialize relevant variables.

Note that if you compiled davinci yourself you may need to edit the library_linux.dvrc file and set the DV_MOD_PATH, DV_HELP and DV_HOME variables to the proper locations.

Windows Platform

Plotting command "plot" work's only the first time

When you use Davinci plotting functions, an underlying plotting software - gnuplot, gets invoked. Usually a plotting window is invoked as well as gnuplot shell. You can close the plotting window but do not close the gnuplot shell, otherwise davinci needs to be restarted if another plotting command is invoked.

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