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Download and parses CRISM data from the PDS repository into a usable structure for davinci. This will cache crism products in the $DV_CRISM_CACHE directory. Additionally, the $DV_CRISM_DB_USER, $DV_CRISM_DB_PORT, and $DV_CRISM_DB_PASS are all required.

At this point this script also requires wget/mkdir. This will change soon as the PDS reader will be fixed to better handle these data.

New to 1.09 version. Now uses get_image to download the data rather than direct links to the PDS site.

Arguments and Return Values

Inputs: takes a truncated image id (like those from get_crism_list())

Output: a standard processed CRISM structure.


Syntax: get_crism(product_id[, raw=BOOL][, sl=BOOL][, force=BOOL][, verb=BOOL][, wget=BOOL][, src= BOOL])

product_id - truncated product id. NOTE: Does not include prefix. This should look like 000035B5_07

raw - output the entire PDS structures for each component

sl - include the short wavelength (default is 0)

force - force a re-download of the products (not available at this time)

verb - decrease the verbosity

wget - forces the use of wget rather then copy() (default is 0)

src - download the data from the PDS location


dv> out=get_crism("000035B5_07")
Enter password: 
struct, 1 elements
   long: struct, 5 elements
       anc: struct, 5 elements...
       wl_array: 320x1x438 array of float, bil format [560,640 bytes]
       at_array: 320x1x438 array of float, bil format [560,640 bytes]
       id: ""HRS000035B5_07_IF174L_TRR2.IMG""
       data: 320x225x438 array of float, bil format [126,144,000 bytes]

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