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Open the DavinciWiki to the specified function in the user's default web browser. This works with Windows, Mac and Linux. Use $DV_BROWSER environment variable to specify the desired web browser command. Defaults are: start (windows), htmlview/x-www-browser(Linux) and open (mac).

Arguments and Return Values

Arguments: Function name

Return Value: Opens a web browser and prints the site's URL

NOTE: This is the internal path at ASU.


Syntax: wiki(function [,nobrowser=VAL])

'function' - The full function name as a string

'nobrowser' - Any value will simply display the URL


dv> wiki("v_border")
DavinciWiki Site:

The user's default web browser is opened.

dv> wiki("v_border",nobrowser=1)
DavinciWiki Site:


wiki browser.png

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Created On: 09-29-2006
Modified On: 05-06-2010

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