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The DavinciWiki is designed to give the davinci user a source for all of the needed information. While functions are generally well documented, the syntax of how to use them can be confusing. This site is designed to help document and provide examples for various functions and procedures.

There are two ways to start.

  1. You can do a keyword search on the left to find any functions or procedures that contain your word. If an exact match to your keyword is found you will be taken directly to that page. Be aware that the search only works for more than three characters. This is a limitation of the wiki and we are working to implement better searching.
  2. You can browse for functions by name in the functions page or by category in the function categories page.

One of the main goals of the site is to get feedback from the users of davinci. If any documentation is ever unclear, there is a button at the top of every page called "discussion". If you click on this link you will be taken to another editable page, called a talk or discussion page, where you can document anything you want about that specific article. This documentation can range from helpful tricks, to asking for a better explanation or examples. A guide to editing pages is available to see some of the techniques for page organization.

Last Updated: Feb-2011

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